Design: Lakshman Khadapkar
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: National Institute of Design
Tutor: Dr. Tridha Gajjar
Packaging Contents: Spices
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Duplex Paper

The objective of this project was to find the most frustrating packaging we ever faced and to create a new frustration-free and sustainable packaging for the same.

Spices are the foundation for Indian cooking. Anyone can find many varieties of spices packaging in the Indian market which includes a plastic jar, glass container, paper container, plastic pouch, etc. Plastic pouches are ideal for packing small consumer goods as they are weather-resistant, lightweight, and also give a better finish for printing. They also create many frustrations during the opening, and storing them in the kitchen is a major hassle.

While designing new alternative packaging, the main constraint was to make sure the new design should be as easy as possible to handle when it reaches the customer and create a better experience for them.

What’s Unique?
Inspired by the Masala Dabba(Spice box) which is most common in almost every Indian household, this easy-to-hold triangular-shaped pack gives the advantage to stack it in multiple ways.