100 Hectares / Touriga Nacional / Grande Reserva

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Design: miguelfreitasdesign
Location: Portugal
Project Type: Produced
Client: 100 Hectares
Product Launch Location: Europe
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, wood
Printing Process: Offset

This is a tribute project in the form of a label as it is in memory of Filipe and André’s father (100 Hectares). Memory can be made of many details, many details that, in a subtle way, allow us to fly.

An angel is a possible association for the distortion made to the leaf…. An angel that flies towards the stars … an angel that shines White punctuated with small golden squares, almost stars … a white punctuated with even smaller squares, which shine due to the application of glitter on the varnish The paper overlapping allows this game between 2 possible worlds …

The label, designed and executed with the association of 2 different types of paper (fasson white cotton and fasson cast gold), allows us to meet the details mentioned above. the square-shaped cutouts (do not forget that the 100 Hectares brand is designed based on this geometric figure) allow you to see and give refinement to the whole…. the leaf is the central figure of this label, half-cut allows it to open and to see the golden surface in reference and homage to the father’s profession, goldsmith. the box designed for this project, a belt was created for, in a poetic way, to symbolize the father who embraces their 2 sons… it is not by chance that the box was divided exactly into 2 parts.

This whole project would not be possible without the full involvement of two companies, Vox with the tireless João Nuno and Embalcut, through Carlos Salgado Finally, a big and special thanks to André and Filipe Brás for allowing me to be completely free to develop this project that means a lot to them.

What’s Unique?
The overlapping and combination of this 2 papers from Fasson brings a unique touch for this project with a lot of work on the printing company to give the feel we wanted for this project