Derrick Lin


Design: enDESIGN
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Organic Center “Active Village”
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Vegetables, Fruits
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Craft Bag
Printing Process: Digital, Offset

Development of the package design concept for the brand of the organic center “Active Village”

Concept of the project
Organic Center “Active Village” – is a center for drying and packaging of the agricultural products. This is a social pilot initiative that was implemented in the Pskov region as part of the project within the cross-border cooperation Programme “Russia – Estonia” for 2014 – 2021. The Center provides social services at the net cost level to local gardeners and farmers to support the development of small businesses in rural areas. In the future, it is planned to spread this experience to other regions of the Russian Federation.

The design concept is based on the idea of combining the experience of ordinary workers in Russia and Estonia, who draw strength through communication with the land, preserving the traditions of agriculture and a culture of healthy nutrition.

A visual image of a patchwork blanket was born in the development process on the project. But not only as a typical household item of villagers, have a symbol of warmth, comfort, care. In a broad sense, this is the image of Russia, its fields, gardens, meadows and the people who work on them. This is a vivid example of how a large one is made from a small one, a common one from a private one.

Taking into account that this brand is young and aimed at supporting small businesses, the aim was to get the maximum result with a minimum of investments. The Center needed to declare itself in a specific way to become visible and competitive immediately.

The name of the project “Active Village” itself includes characteristics that reflect packaging. This is a young, energetic, bright brand aimed at moving forward and synergy.

Package Design
The idea of synergy is supported in the design of packaging. The organic combination of bright colors, textures and graphics in the brand pattern attracts attention and works for brand memory. Required elements – background and information bar – can be part of the same layout, as well as independent parts. Blocks of information complement each other but also are interchangeable. The modular approach gives a lot of packaging options while maintaining a single style.

Packing Details
It was important for the customer to show the work of specific people – farmers, gardeners, farmers behind each product. Information about them and about the organic center itself can be found on the back side of the package. Individual blocks provide facts about products, technical information, which increases interest and trust in the brand. Thus, the packaging perform the task of promoting the organic center and farmers who do not have time for self-promotion.

Specific design elements can be easily combined according to the principle of the constructor depending on the specific tasks, and all the necessary changes can be quickly made to the layout, which is important in working conditions “from scratch”.

The Active Village Organic Center is a promising social brand that preserves our Russian identity and it is emphasized in the development of design.

What’s Unique?
This is a social pilot initiative that was implemented in the Pskov region as part of the project within the cross-border cooperation Programme “Russia – Estonia” for 2014 – 2021.