Bluwer Gin

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Design: Morillas
Location: Spain
Project Type: Produced
Client: Grupo Varma
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Gin
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass

There’s a flower in Thailand that has the power to transform a drink and an iconic gin, that is born to transform the night. Bluwer Gin is a 100% natural gin, made with 15 botanics and the butterfly pea flower, which magic power is to transform the colour of the drink. Born from singularity, when it encounters citric acid, such as tonic or lemon, changes, from dark blue to light violet.

The brand entrusted Morillas their need to lead the experiential gin sector and capitalize on the power of change, communicating the distinctive elements of a truly different, 100% natural craft gin, one that is unique in its capacity to transform commonplace into something remarkable.

Morillas had the opportunity to create a disruptive identity to express the extraordinary capability of mutation of this iconic drink. One that could merge the magic of metamorphosis with the Asian legend preceding this new-generation classic. It is said that in Asia, that God created this plant to concentrate in it the positive energies of the universe, for which it treasures a great power of inner transformation.

Rich in freshness, intense in colour and also made with ginseng, Bluwer is positioned as an energizing gin, with an energy that is neither created nor destroyed, but transformed. A metaphor that represents both the changing reality of the product and the transforming energy of the night. That’s the key to the identity of Bluwer. A ground-breaking spirit, with a nod to the classicism of the gin that represents the duality of a renewed classic, and at the same time distills the concept of change.

Such a singular gin needed a rupturist identity, one able enough to convey the classic spirit of gin while unleashing the metamorphic power of a magnetic gin. Transformation became, hence, the fil rouge of our proposal, making it a symbolic element of the brand.

Bluwer’s packaging design was inspired by the power of transformation of the most surprising drink of the new generation of gins, encapsulating its DNA in a series of patterns that challenged the traditional codes of the category. We created a pattern system that reflects Bluwer’s personality, through waves that symbolize the freshness of a new generation gin, the herbal form that reflects the essence of botanical and the flagship flower: the butterfly pea, underlining the artisanal nature of the drink. At the heart of the bottle is the Bluwer’s most iconic symbol, the butterfly, a metaphor that represents both the mutant reality of the product and the changing power of a night out: the butterfly, highlighted among the graphics; all using the technique of screen printing. To anchor it to the codes of gin, we use a serif font with a slightly unexpected twist…. After all, isn’t a gin that transforms its color surprising enough?