Kondea Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Design: creativebydefinition
Location: Romania
Project Type: Produced
Client: Kondea
Product Launch Location: Greece
Packaging Contents: Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle

“Respect the environment. Produce a high-quality extra virgin olive oil that is in perfect symbiosis with nature.”

Every single design element of the product branding was intentionally imagined to reflect the clear direction of this Greek family-owned extra virgin olive oil brand. The olive oil branding is exploring the idea of returning to the roots, to the foundation of life. The design principles are capturing the strong connection the Greek people had with the land from the early beginnings.

The Greek olive oil history starts around 3500 BC, in the Early Minoan times, in the greater Mediterranean Basin. First grown mostly in Crete, the olive oil tree cultivation extends to mainland Greece and becomes a synonym of Greek nutrition through centuries to present times.

The olive oil packaging uses a Greek-inspired theme with a black and white color palette. To create an emotional connection with the customer and invite him to step into the world of small-batch Greek organic olive oil, the packaging design is structured around two elements.

What’s Unique?
The label design reveals these two elements, a Greek poem created especially for this extra virgin olive oil packaging by Antonis Karakonstantakis and the minimalistic portrait of the olive oil farm translated into rough black lines on a white canvas. The organic shape of the base of the tree is taking the center stage of the olive oil design.