DS1 branding agency

Санкт-Петербург, Россия

Design: DS1 branding agency
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Bryankonfi
Packaging Contents: Cookies

Appeal to tradition: DS1 branding has developed a package design for cookies «World desserts»

The design takes into account the positioning of the products of the Bryankonfi confectionery factory and the values of the traditionalists as the main target audience

The confectionery factory Bryankonfi turned to DS1 branding with a request for the development of a visual identity for a new line of butter cookies «World desserts». The agency was tasked with creating a packaging design for five SKUs, combining several different flavours and types of cookies with a single solution.

The factory for the production of confectionery products Bryankonfi traces its history back to 1954. The product range includes more than 150 units of products. Until recently, the factory brand produced confectionery products that were not united by a visual concept and a form factor. For each new product, the Bryankonfi team developed a separate design, and the product variety served as the name for the SKU.

As part of the project, the DS1 branding team developed a packaging design for five SKUs of butter cookies: strawberry-filled, creamy chocolate, chocolate with orange, chocolate with chocolate pieces, and chocolate with nuts.

Together with the analytical department, it was decided to focus on product positioning in the design, which meets the needs of the target audience and simplifies communication with it.

Before the development was launched, the analytical department of DS1 branding assessed the market condition, the competitive environment, the needs of the target audience of the product and its advantages.

Market and competitive environment
The confectionery market in Russia is one of the fastest growing segments in FMCG, and cookies, in turn, occupy a leading position in terms of production volumes. This leads to an urgent need to differentiate and create a brand image that will contribute to the growth of demand.

In addition, a very important factor that affected the market in 2020 was the decline in household incomes. The unstable situation in the world and the country to this day shifts the vector of behavioural strategies towards traditionalism, the desire for stability and clarity.

Target audience
As the resource base has become lower, buyers increasingly began to choose products that have been tested by time, the quality of which is not in doubt.

The main need of the target audience of the product, the traditionalists — is confidence in what you are buying. This category of customers prefers clear and familiar sweets. Their main value is stability. They are not ready to accept trendy trends, pay for uniqueness and brand. For traditionalists, it is very important to understand what kind of product is in the package, to be sure of its quality and taste.

Advantages of «Bryankonfi» products
The products of the factory Bryankonfi are distinguished by high quality, time-tested recipe and a wide range of loyal audience. Therefore, when developing the visual identity of the “World Desserts” line, it was very important to keep the audience and attract new ones. The task of the creative department was to find a balance between relevant design and visual codes that are understandable for the target audience.

When developing the packaging design, the main focus of the creative department of DS1 branding was on the food zone. A large and photographic image of the cookie on a simple and concise background explains to the buyer what product is inside, and inspires confidence in the brand.

“World desserts” is a fairly traditional product, there are no unusual and unexpected solutions, but there is a familiar, favourite taste from childhood. That is why simple visual codes and a minimal number of additional elements in the design have become the basis of the identity. The conciseness of the packaging meets the desire of the target audience for clarity. It becomes easier for the buyer to identify the product and distinguish it from the competition, because in this price segment, manufacturers usually use a design consisting of many colours and patterns. In order to contribute to the brand’s memorability, the designers placed the nameplate on a discreet beige color that contrasts with the overall color of the package and stands out vividly against its background.

«The uniqueness of the World Desserts project for us was to find an effective solution in a market with very high competition, and even with an audience that is sensitive to any changes.

Representatives of the target audience of the brand are very skeptical about new products and can choose a product for a long time, weighing all the pros and cons. The packaging format and the products themselves are designed for everyday consumption, that is, everything should look simple, accessible and understandable.

While working on the packaging, we thought about whether our grandparents or mom and dad would buy this product — people who are far from the metropolis and its pace of life, but who so want to please themselves and their loved ones with something delicious, familiar and understandable» – Svetlana Klupinska, CEO DS1 branding

An important sub-task set by the client is to use the identity to justify the name of the product line World Desserts.

One of the trends in packaging design for several years has been packaging that tells a story. This trend perfectly contributes to the disclosure of the name of the line: for each type of cookie, the creators prepared information about its origin, associated with different countries of the world, and placed it on the brands.

So, for example, on the package of cookies with strawberry filling there is a story about how in the XVI century an Iranian prince in love ordered to create a special dessert for his bride. The confectioners tried and baked a flower-shaped cookie with a delicate jam filling in the middle, which is familiar to us as kurabye. In Russia, the dessert came a little later, a century later, during the reign of Catherine the Great, who was known for her love of sweets. The DS1 branding team added the stamps with the history of the world’s desserts with illustrations, as if drawn by hand on the packaging itself.

«This project is the first joint work of Bryanconfi and DS1 branding. We are completely satisfied with the result: the style and direction of the solution, the final design. But the main thing is that the product was appreciated by our consumer. The company was able to create “World Desserts” in the retail network and significantly increase sales in this category. High performance indicators open up opportunities for development and will allow us to expand the line to eight flavors in the near future» – Zhanna Shcherbenok, Head of the Marketing Department of the company «Bryankonfi».