1997 Gin&Tonic

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Design: Carlos Real
Location: Spain
Project Type: Student Project
School: EASD Valencia
Packaging Contents: Gin&Tonic
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle

“1997” is a fictitious brand of tonic that contains gin, a brand that loves the connection with the past and modernity through design, in this case, the way to achieve this relationship is through a container and a label, in order to generate a look and feel that immediately attracts the consumer to the product.

As we can see there is a combination of the modern and the classic, the container has an embossed envelope inspired by striped cocktail glasses, these stripes not only make a reference to the past, but also generate a verticality that stylizes the shape of the bottle as well as that of the label. The container has this embossing both on the body and on the neck and on the heel we can find the brand “1997” repeatedly surrounding the bottle, which allows the bottle to continue to be identified with the brand even when the label is not present. The glass is completely transparent and colorless so that it is tinted by the content itself, the tonic with gin, thus being able to identify the desired flavor without having to read the label.

The label is in the shape of an arc, a shape that continues to refer to the classic, while its content seeks that relationship with modernity. Regarding the graphic part, at the bottom we find the brand “1997”. A little higher we find the flavor of the content, being able to choose between three, Bilberry, Lime and Orange, distinguishing between the colors blue, green and orange. At the top we find the brand’s slogan “Gin Superior Quality” referring to the fact that the tonic “1997” also contains a small portion of high quality gin. As for the color part, we find the fruit that gives the flavor to the content, as well as a gradient that covers the entire label of the color of the fruit that gives flavor to the drink. We also find an icon composed of an arrow and an oval that refers to the fact that the fruit in question is present in the content, since it is produced with real high-quality natural juice.

For the cap I simply considered putting the brand back on, as many people are also fond of collecting these items.

What has been sought with this design is to generate a luminous, stylized product that coexists between the modern and the classic, which is an element that can serve as a gift for a special occasion or simply as a personal whim.

What’s Unique?
What makes the packaging of “1997 Gin&Tonic” unique is the fact that it mixes two apparently opposing trends such as art deco and new design trends to offer a product that reaches all kinds of people.