Design: Sofa Spiridonova
Location: Russia
Project Type: Student Project
Tutor: Paley Oksana, Yevgeny Razumov
Packaging Contents: Granular fertilizer for plants
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

The invisible process of fertilizer action has a beneficial effect on plants, enriching them with useful substances and promoting active growth and flowering and fruiting. By applying the stereo effect, the packaging design simulates the principle of operation of the fertilizer and clearly shows the result of its action.

The series contains four packages of fertilizer: for orchids, for flowers, for fruit and berry, for deciduous. Each package has its own characteristic graphics. The floral pattern is applied on all sides of the box and is lined up on the shelf in one large lawn, which makes BLOOM stand out from competitors. Also, this product is convenient for transportation.

The target audience of this product is an amateur grover, aged 20-35 years. Such people have many hobbies, they are advanced and modern, they are aware of all new trends. They grow plants as a hobby, a hobby. They need a bright, interesting and unusual product, simple and intuitive to use, which they could share and tell on social networks.

The design of the package consists of a box containing granular fertilizer and an orange film that is put on the box and gives a stereo effect. When buying, we see only the stem and leaves of the plant, when the film is removed, the fruits of berries, flowers or leaves of the plant to which the fertilizer was applied appear. The design has a convenient valve when opening the box, which allows you to pour fertilizer in a dosed and convenient manner. Such packaging will definitely attract the attention of buyers.

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