BOT – Bottle on the table



Agency: Gummy Industries
Creative director: Giorgio Mininno
Art Director: Anna Maggi
Project Manager: Michele Pagani
Copywriter: Claudio Savelli
Social Media Manager: Carlo Piloni
Photographer: Alessandro Belussi
Web Designer: Nicola Merici
Motion Designer: Riccardo D’Aquino
Web Designer: Stefano Peschiera
Web Developer: Giuseppe Falco
Illustrator: Vito Manolo
Location: Italy
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard
Printing Process: Digital printing

In the world of wine, there are only a few brands that target Millennials and are able to make the most of their cultural references. Together with Botter, we wanted to try and fill this void.

This is how BOT – Bottle On the Table was born, a wine brand made completely on the internet that talks to Millennials exactly as a Millenial would do: it uses memes, trolls Boomers and breaks the mold of communication in the industry.

No more stereotypes, no more photographs of romantic vineyards or of toasts with friends.

BOT is pop, bold and colourful: from its labels – illustrated by the artist Vito Manolo – to its packaging, from the aromas of the wine’s label that become hashtags, to the culinary combinations that go against every stereotype. Every detail shows the vision of wine of the BOT generation.

A brand that breaks the rules of the web.

The irreverent identity of BOT also characterises its digital communication: the website is full of animations and easter eggs that randomly appear, and on social media the brand has no problem in breaking the fourth wall to get straight to the end consumer.

“Become a Boomer”, the first guide to adult life for the BOT Generation

For the launch of BOT we asked Luca Ravenna and Edoardo Ferrario to explain the life of a boomer to us, which we turned into an Instagram web series. The two comedians fully embody the identity and target of the brand, so together with them we created five online episodes in which Millennials and Boomers meet and confront each other.

Marriage or cohabitation? Traditional family or open relationships? Mortgage or rent? These are precisely the topics on which the first episode focuses: “Famiglia tradizionale”, available online.

What’s Unique?
According with the whole brand positioning, the packaging of Primitivo is precisely address to Millennial.

Its label shows a consumption situations of the products by young and digital people, more interested in sharing the experience of BOT wine with they friends and follower than in studying its origin, its aroma or its fragrance.

The illustration have been developed in collaboration with the illustrator Vito Manolo and they perfectly reflect the character of the products and their audience.