Chebaturochka rebrand

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Design: PØLARIS Partners
Location: Ukraine
Project Type: Produced
Client: Volodymyr-Volynska poultry farm
Product Launch Location: Ukraine
Packaging Contents: Chilled Chicken
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic box

Since 2013, the Vladimir-Volynskaya poultry farm has been producing products under Chebaturochka brand. It is grown in natural conditions, on natural grain feed and pure artesian water. The enterprise is one of the three largest national producers of chicken meat.

In 2020, the company approached us with the task of rebranding Chebaturochka and differentiating it among competitors.

Rebrand, develop a new logo and corporate identity. The main condition for the rebranding was to keep the old name, while creating a new bright identity and distinctive characteristics for the brand.

The graphic concept is based on the new Chebaturochka logo – a vivid portrait image of a village chicken in colorful folk red beads, born of the semantics of this folklore word.

An audit of the shelf in key chains showed that green packaging prevails among chicken meat producers – the dominant template of environmental friendliness and naturalness in the mass consciousness.

Together with the client, we decided to follow the path of sharp color differentiation and develop our own individual color code. It became blue – the color of sky, air, water and freshness.

The blue packaging sharply distinguished Chebaturochka on the sales shelf, illustrated the freshness and naturalness of the product. After all, a real village chicken – Chebaturochka comes from Volyn region – one of the most environmentally friendly regions of Ukraine.

To decorate the packaging, landscapes illustration was created, harmoniously complementing the brand image. All important and useful information about the product is rendered in a separate text block for ease of reading.

Alexey Rogov, Marketing Director of Vladimir-Volynskaya Poultry Farm: “We, as producers, have several brands in our portfolio in the same category. One of the key tasks of the redesign of Chebaturochka Village Chicken is to find solutions that set us apart from competitors and at the same time allow us to avoid internal cannibalism. I think that it was done “excellently” by PØLARIS Partners. Each brand in the company’s portfolio fulfills its role, perfectly complementing each other and differentiated in relation to our competitors, and is already taking away their market share. “