Manuka Honey range, Antipodes New Zealand Design Concept

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Design: Petitmoulin Studio
Location: France
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Cosmetics, skincare
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, cardboard box, ceramic cap, aluminium tube
Printing Process: Foil stamping, serigraphy

“New Zealand is 42 degrees south of the Equator, two islands surrounded by water that has evolved over millions of years of unpolluted nature, low population density, and some of the world’s most untouched nature.” Antipodes’ brand focuses on delivering the world’s highest quality skincare from her lush green New Zealand forests out here on the edge of the world.

We created a bespoke cosmetics range (design concept/non-commissioned work) for Antipodes New Zealand, including handmade logo and pattern illustrations as well as packaging and bottle designs. We choose to redesign five main products to compose this Manuka Honey collection; the iconic Mask makes the brand so famous, a Face oil, an Eyes Cream, and Gel Cleanser. The outer packaging is a straight and modern box with beautiful paper and hot-stamping copywriting.

This new Antipodes’ product range is delicately well-designed, with its iconic apothecary shape and light green glass, a reference to its natural and scientific legacy. The label is a light and delicate silkscreen printing for an understated signature, and Antipodes’ logo is embossed on each glass bottle’s side.

From the finest and elegant packaging, the attention to detail to the modern product design, the project aimed to deliver a refined and contemporary Antipodes’ range vision that plays with the abundant nature of New Zealand and the scientific innovation of their products.

With its modern shape, the handmade logo acts as a frame for the generous and lush New Zealand landscape surrounding the iconic « A » of the brand. The illustration is debossed with a green-gold foil stamping on top for a premium finish packaging.

Diving inside the packaging, the product is hidden through a two-layers leaflet, the first one with the embossed gold logo. The next one is a quotation from Elizabeth Barbalich, Antipode’s founder; we used it as a manifesto introducing each product discovery. The handmade pattern is a sophisticated mix and match of natural ingredients from the unique New Zealand landscape.