Design: Polina Sergeeva
Location: Russia
Project Type: Student Project
School: Hse Design
Tutor: Oksana Paley
Packaging Contents: Soil for planting
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Digital printing

Mother Soil — a line of soils for planting plants.

The earth is considered the mother of all living beings and plants, the center of fertility. A pack of good soil, like a mother’s womb, gives life to plants. Many plant lovers treat them as their ‘children’ and give them names. Many of them call themselves plants parents.

The design was inspired by natural fertility which visually expressed by pregnancy ultrasound screen. The earth is called mother earth all around the world. By this metaphor of soil the design has been modified and transformed to packaging soil design. The line contains four different types of soil: compost, mulch, gardening and potting soil. The transparent cutting in the form of ultrasound pregnancy window on the package shows the type of soil.

The presented design is easily recognised not only by women who already being mother but also by customers who treat plants like their ‘babies’. Interesting fact has been discovered during marketing research — many people use plants as pre-stage of become pet owner or parent.

What’s Unique?
‘Mother Soil’ line is about emotions that customer feel when see the package on shelf. The feeling of mother love arises subconsciously. Nevertheless, the design about the mother’s love, unique design will attract a wide target audience by unique design.