Agency: Soul Studio
Creative Director: Leah Procko
Product Photography: Morning Swim Studio
Lifestyle Photography: Tash Whitty
Location: Australia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Bare Mum
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Postpartum Care products
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, Glass Jars, Plastic Pouches
Printing Process: Offset Printing, blind debossing

Whilst the pregnancy & newborn market is one of the most catered to (and valuable) of all markets, the postpartum sector is often overlooked. Information is scarce, products are rudimentary and millennial pink is washed across brands that haven’t addressed the most basic needs of new mothers. Set with an intention to demystify and destigmatise, Bare Mum has developed a range of clinically approved products to assist mothers during this transformative period.

Our task was to create a brand built around empowerment. We developed Bare Mum with this in mind, infusing that feeling into every aspect of the brand; the name, the stereotype-breaking colour palette, credible language and clinically-skewed packaging designed to highlight the efficacy of the products. We balanced this with human touches and vulnerability to create a brand identity that communicates the authenticity of motherhood.

What’s Unique?
The clean, clinical type combined with the debossing and freeform “lines of emotion”, speaks to the efficacy of the products and medical backing without feeling cold or emotionless. Whitty’s photography brought a realness to the brand, avoiding the “prettied” imagery typical to this space. And, the modular construction of the e-commerce packaging was designed with sustainability and simplicity in mind.

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