Agency: Brand Intheblack
Creative Director: Naul Hink
Art Director: July N
Illustrator: Zoe Phan
Graphic Designer: Bobby Cao
Copywriting: Thomas Lee
Location: Vietnam
Project Type: Produced
Client: Cá Bay Chocolate
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Chocolate
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

Cá Bay: the highest quality fair trade chocolate, manufactured in a factory in Binh Thuan using the most up to date technology. Our challenge was to give this gourmet experience a face, and the possibilities were endless.

While Cá Bay were busy testing the optimal taste directions for their chocolate, we created the perfect stage for the brand presentation. The visual design approach covers all aspect of the brand’s on- and offline presence, from logo, color palette and typography to packaging and trade show presentations.

“Cá Bay” means Carp jumping over dragon gate: The image of the powerful transformation and moving forward of carp to transform into a Dragon – a sacred creature of Asian’s faith.

The new identity is clear and emphatic. Cábay is boldly positioning itself as a brand of bean-to-bar chocolate—self assured and modern. The website,, with its integrated online shop, completes the brand experience. Cábay’s entrance to the market with confidence moving forward caused ripples among the media.

The packaging for Cá Bay takes the moving-point patterns as the master concept. Enlarged and simplified, it creates a stronger look, making the chocolate flavor clear, while showing the connection to the brand story by using points that are moving to fit for purpose. Because we cared passionately, we ended up with the best result: packaging you want to grab off the shelf, a thematic solution to our expanding product line in the future, that scales, and costs less and is easy to produce.