Divino Grano

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Agency: Armatoste
Namer: Angélica Pliego
Namer: Hilda Cervantes
Concept Designer: Cinthia Cruz
Creative Leader: Ana Nuñez
Design & Photography: Aldo Manzano
Art Developer: Rosario Badillo
Art Leader: Iván Almazán
Location: Mexico
Project Type: Produced
Client: Divino Grano
Product Launch Location: Mexico
Packaging Contents: Corn Products

The story of Divino Grano goes back 50 years: Pablo’s grandfather started this business with products derived from nixtamal dough and flour. This business has passed from generation to generation in his family, and Pablo decided to create a new brand for products that would broaden the horizons of his business.

This is how Divino Grano was born. We created the name thinking about all the properties that corn has, our ancestral Aztec cereal, to which divine origins were attributed. This name exalts the grace and majesty of corn.

Divino Grano does not speak specifically of corn, and leaves open the possibility to focus on wheat and rye products, an expansion that has been an advantage for the company by diversifying its products.

Based on the concept of divinity, the brand’s logo refers to the stained glass windows found in churches, which are a symbol of light and hope. The logo draws a landscape with the sun as a pillar for agriculture and a field on the horizon, where food comes from.

In 2019, the year in which we created this brand, we designed the image of the main products: chips, tostadas and tortillas. We design complementary illustrations to the identity with the ingredients used to prepare tostadas and Mexican food. The main colors in the brand system are yellow, which represents the color of corn, and pink, a color clearly identified as Mexican.

What’s Unique?
Our goal was to create a brand focused on housewives of Mexican households, who bring the best food to the center of the table for their families. We designed this brand to communicate that love, joy and tradition.