Agency: B&W Graphic Lab
Designer: Ben Xu
Designer: Wei Hou
Location: China
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Coffee
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

Not only is light a natural element that plays a key role in the growth of coffee beans, it is also used in the processing of coffee beans. The “light” and “heat” in the sun give the beans a wonderful taste over time.

DOOD is a young plant-based, plastic-free and biodegradable coffee brand whose visual image is inspired by the time hourglass and “time, sunshine, Heat”.

Light is mysterious and symbolic in human culture and history, but it is profound and complex in science. The combination of time and light makes the coffee beans burst out with more layers of flavor and taste, bringing great emotional and psychological experience to people. The mutual superposition and combination of graphics make colors change in time and graphics, guiding people’s taste experience.

The brand’s use of strong color contrasts is a nod to the Instagram-friendly nature of the tones, while also hoping to combine the brand with fashion and youth. The side of the package uses a unique color block to distinguish the taste and series, this design makes the brand itself has a strong identification.

Each grinding coffee beans are an energy transformation, a process in time under the guidance of compact and orderly, hot water through the filter paper interact with coffee powder fusion, the transformation of small a unique flavor, DOOD visual presentation is around the process description, color gradient connected to the conversion of energy and the change of flavor, a full range of changes.

DOOD graphics show the transformation process of detail levels. The negative graphics are the form of an abstract hourglass, representing the passage of time and the details of filtering. At the moment of coffee entrance, all textures blend together.

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