Derrick Lin


Design: Dalibor smileski
Location: Macedonia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Tinex
Product Launch Location: Macedonia
Packaging Contents: Sugar, rice
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic bag
Printing Process: Digital printing

“Extra” is private label by “Tinex” – The biggest chain of supermarkets in North Macedonia with 45+ stores across the country. These products have been appreciated by the buyers throughout the years for their high quality, but also for their competitive pricing. Now, two of the most sold products (sugar and rice) have been redesigned and repackaged in new, fresh, modern and much more eye catching packaging. Both, Extra Sugar and Extra Rice (in macedonian “Extra Шеќер” and “Extra Ориз”) got a new packaging with bright colours and minimalistic design. The main focus or the design is the transparent part on the front in the shape of a glass jar for the sugar, and bowl for the rice. The background has subtle pattern, and on top is the name of the product, written in big bold font.