HAJOK Design

Mühlenkamp, Hamburg, Deutschland

Design: Hajok Design
Location: Germany
Project Type: Produced
Client: LiveFresh
Product Launch Location: Germany
Packaging Contents: Juice
Packaging Substrate / Materials: 100% recycled PET

100% fresh and natural, sustainable and no additives – what more could you want! LiveFresh’s brand values are now incorporated in the new packaging design thanks to HAJOK’s strategy and design work.

The best success stories are garage stories. Benedikt Schellinger and Simon Storz started making their products five years ago in a garage. Using an innovative manufacturing process based on high-pressure water, the two mechanical engineering students produced cold-pressed juices with a longer shelf-life without the need for preservatives or added sugar. Today, LiveFresh’s high-quality juices, shots and spritzers which are rich in vitamins are produced at their large facility next to Lake Constance. As the market for fresh juices grows in the convenience sector, the start-up chose HAJOK for the relaunch of their packaging design to generate more shelf impact.

Before the Hamburg brand agency created the on-pack look, they advised the two entrepreneurs and developed a brand story. A once functional design had be emotionalised, expressing the founders’ mindset and mission. LiveFresh should not only stand for a range of healthy products but also project a positive attitude towards life. The strategy team convinced the two entrepreneurs to go with “the enjoyable optimist” positioning concept. The new packaging design is a response to people wanting to consume fruit products and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

All LiveFresh juices and shots have a functional benefit. This is conveyed by means of intense colours, while deliciously fresh food shots highlight the enjoyment element of the products. The fruits are dynamically arranged around the LiveFresh decorative visual element created by HAJOK. The brand name is the focus of the packaging: the typography has been modernised and the layout of on-pack information has been simplified. Optimistic, powerful and enjoyable, the new design prompts a strong sense of joie de vivre, reflecting the brand’s message: embrace life!

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