Agency: Eastline Design Studio
Packaging Design: Prachi Shah
Location: India
Project Type: In Process
Client: Maison De Savon
Packaging Contents: Soaps
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Recycled Paper
Printing Process: Digital Printing

This project was done for a home grown soap business that was born in the pandemic. A unique soap structure was designed for the brand , keeping in mind the ease of making and ergonomic usability. The curved soap fits perfectly in the palm and has a good grip to avoid slipping out of the hands while using it. The logo has been de-bossed onto the soap. Each soap has a unique blend of ingredients and are completely organic in nature. The ingredients are shown on the outer packaging with the help of motifs as well as the color tones of the ingredient going into the soap. The curves on the pack connote the softness of the soap and how gentle it is on the skin.

What’s Unique?
A simple, premium and elegant packaging, using recycled paper. There is no usage of any plastic film or vacuum sealing around the soap.