Design: Parabrand Group
Location: China
Project Type: Produced
Client: Yan Xiao Mei
Product Launch Location: China
Packaging Contents: Zongzi, Chinese dumplings
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Gray board, cardboard
Printing Process: Flexible printing

Yan Xiaomei and “Gao Fenglian three generations of paper-cutting” launched the most authentic “Yan’an Northern Shaanxi Handmade Zong Dumplings Collection Gift Box”. The gift box is equipped with: Yan’an millet handmade rice dumplings unique to Northern Shaanxi and the famous paper-cutting artist of Northern Shaanxi (Gao Fenglian three generations of paper-cutting). A pair of cut paper-cut paintings of exorcising evil spirits and sending blessings, while savoring the taste of northern Shaanxi, you can also feel the local customs and superb art of paper-cutting. It also injects a different cultural elegance and unique flavor into the festival.

  • “The sun god cow” The sun god cow, with peonies blooming, is prosperous and rich and warding off evil spirits.
  • “Golden Monkey Offering Rui” The golden monkey offering auspicious wishes, success and success will be awarded to Hou Fushou again and again.
  • “Monkey Riding a Rooster” “Monkey Riding a Rooster” has the meaning of a door god, subduing demons and demons, and expelling five poisons.
  • “The Sun Bird” “The wormwood is on the house, and a hundred ghosts do not enter the house” prays for the protection of the God grass and the sun bird.
  • “Heavenly Horse” The celestial horse packs back to the granary full, and the ups and downs become a smooth journey.