Derrick Lin


Design: Jérémie Awolou
Location: Benin
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Soft drinks, Soda
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium
Printing Process: Digital printing

Have you ever tasted Baobab, tamarind or bissap juice?

In addition to the fact that they are delicious, these flavors have therapeutic and dietary virtues. Baobab pulp contains a significant amount of vitamin C, fiber, protein, lipids, minerals and has considerable anti-inflammatory properties. Bissap (Hibiscus) is known for its hypotensive virtues that help fight against high blood pressure.

So imagine adding a little sparkling water and making a low-calorie, all-organic soda with no added colors, preservatives or sugar? Yum! That’s what African Flavour is all about: creating a natural, low-calorie African flavored soda experience.

While the soda market is saturated with sameness and sugar, African Flavour saw an opportunity to revolutionize this great global industry by offering a new line of 6 soft drinks: Ginger Lemon Soda, Bissap Soda, Tamarind Soda, Corossol Soda and Mango Soda.

Relax, unwind, grab one of these cans and let yourself be transported on a delicious journey of flavors.

What’s Unique?
We needed to create a unique brand that was bold, simple, joyful and clearly communicated this mission. To do this, we opted for a minimalist design distinguished by a touch of gradient colors that enhance the flavors. The cans are made entirely of aluminum and easily recyclable.

For the choice of the name, we did not go far. We simply took the expression that best represented our products: African Flavours. We wanted a simple glance at the packaging and the name to tell the consumer what they are dealing with.