Baraa Studio


Agency: Baraa Studio
Brand Strategy & Visual Identity Designer: Baraa Zoroub
Location: Palestine, State of
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Printing materials
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Cardboard
Printing Process: Digital printing

I specialize in building and developing brands with creative ideas and scientific foundations, I chose to have the logo in the category of the wordmark so that it is easy for the target group to remember them always and clear without any complexity. I help the clients to analyze projects and I offer them unique solutions to elevate the brands and I will always be the best among competitors.

The design reflection: Reflection of design: “baraa” is the strongest word, created to denote strength, luxury, and elegance, and the reason for choosing a logo design of the type of speech mark is excellence from non-competitors in terms of simplicity, strength, and ease of remembering the brand.

Brand Vision: Solve problems with the simplest tools with the most creative and inspiring ideas.

Brand Personality: Inspirational, Successful, Collaborator, Simplicity, Creativity, and Uniquely.

Brand Look & Feel: Modern, Dynamic, Simple, Unique, Memorability, Advanced, Clear and Distinct.

Tagline: Build brands for a new future.

What’s Unique?
The color palette is mainly inspired by the favorite international brands: Nike, Adidas, and Puma (Black, White, Gray, blue, and Yellow). The choice of black and white is very special to our industry as a kind of show of neutrality in color choice and as an expression of luxury, transparency as well as strength.

In addition to the two black colors begin and end colors, whether light or typographical, in printing, for example, we start from blank white paper, and with the addition of colors, we reach for black. In light colors, it’s inverse.

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