Evil fruits – dried spicy snack

Alexandra Pershina


Design: Alexandra Pershina
Location: Russia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Dried fruits
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Pouch

Evil foods is a brand that produces spicy and savory snacks from natural fruits and vegetables. This product line is spicy-sweet dried fruits without added sugar. The snacks do not use additional sugar, the sweetness is given by the natural fructose of the fruits themselves. Two SKUs: mango-chili-lime and kiwi-jalapeno.

The illustrations are made in a playful psychedelic style. To match the name, the fruits turn into little devils that will burn your tongue when you decide to try them. Fruit characters enliven the brand, and set the tone of voice. Bright colours refer to the bright sensations of tasting.

The fonts are selected with a texture similar to the illustrations. As well as the “non GMO ” and “no sugar added” claims – they also got a similar texture.

The Evil foods logo is also big-eyed and toothy, as are the fruit characters. They say if you look at him long enough, he can wink. So keep your eyes open!