Moon Festival Pop-up Gift Box

Fudy Solutions

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Manufacturer: Fudy Solutions
Location: Taiwan
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Moon cake
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard

Moon festival pop-up gift box shows the affection. As the Moon Festival is approaching, although the world is still shrouded in the haze of the covid-19 pandemic, we believe that the clouds are about to dispelled and we will soon see the moon.

‘Letting the packaging tell the story’ has always been Fudy’s endeavor. Fudy understands that under the current situation, we may not be able to meet loved ones as frequently as we used to, and we can only communicate through phone calls or the internet. How can we convey our feelings through a gift box? Expressing affection is the key point that Fudy wants to emphasize in designing the pop-up moon cake gift box.

Let the packaging tell the story and convey feelings of love and affection. Fudy designed a 3D pop-up moon cake box. When you open the gift box, you can see the smiling godness of the moon jumping out of the box while holding a plate of pastries, as if saying, “Here you go! Let’s have some moon cakes! ”

A gorgeous palace without friends and family only shows emptiness. Thus, for the color matching of the packaging box, we adopted the festive red-orange tones specifically to set off the warm side of the moonlight. Since we think of each other all the time, the moonlight is as warm as the rising sun.

Although the moon is now hidden behind the mountain, we can still imagine the moon’s full-rounded shape. As long as we stick together when the moon crests the top of the hill, it will be the time for us to get together and reunite.

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