DS1 branding agency

Санкт-Петербург, Россия

Design: DS1 branding agency
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Orekhprom
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Nuts
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

I managed to have a snack, so everything is in chocolate: Orekhprom and DS1 branding have brought to the market a new product that meets the trends in to-go-and finger-food

The project team has developed a visual identity for a new product – nuts, dried fruits and seeds in chocolate glaze

“Everything in chocolate” is a new product of the Orekhprom company. Dried fruits, nuts and seeds in velvety cocoa powder and delicate chocolate glaze, which can be delicious, quick and convenient to eat. When developing the identity, the main emphasis was placed on the consumption situation – this is a to-go format, and the product itself meets the trend for finger-food. The creators of DS1 branding shared their work process.

The Orekhprom company is one of the largest producers of nuts and dried fruits in Russia, the only factory in our country with a full cycle of nut processing.

“EAT!” is one of the company’s brands, within which the client has the opportunity to introduce a new product format – nuts, dried fruits, berries and seeds in chocolate glaze.

The new line is particularly noteworthy because, firstly, there are no analogues on the Russian market that correspond to the quality of raw materials. Orekhprom grows fruits in its own nut orchard, which guarantees high quality of its products. And the composition of the glaze, which is covered with nuts and dried fruits, was developed specifically for this line.

In addition to excellent quality, the product is notable for its convenience for the consumer. With each new year, the speed of our life is getting higher, and there is less and less free time, and sometimes there is not enough even for a snack. The products of “Everything in chocolate” are designed in such a way that it is as convenient as possible for the consumer to have a snack with it.

The cup in which the product is located is convenient to take with you, it fits perfectly in a car cup holder, and in order to quickly eat nuts, you do not need cutlery – you can eat them with your hands. For the convenience of the consumer, a wet cloth is provided inside the package, the presence of which in 2021, due to the situation in the world , is no longer an additional advantage, but a hygienic norm.

Thanks to the convenient form factor, the nuts do not crumble, and the convenient reusable lid allows you to easily open and close the package. This is an indispensable advantage for products focused on the to-go format.

The client’s team turned to us with the task of developing a design system for 4 SKUs: hazelnuts, cashews and dried apricots in velvety cocoa powder and peanuts in chocolate glaze.

Our main task was to emphasize the naturalness of the product and its convenience in the situation of consumption.

The cup containing the products is made of eco-friendly paper-based material, so the packaging does not harm the environment and is easily recyclable. It turns out that not only the product itself is natural, but also its packaging is eco – friendly. That is why naturalness has become one of the two main lines in the development of identity.

In order to emphasize this naturalness, the creative department of DS1 branding used the craft color of the glass itself as the background color of the label. It is integrated into the overall design, and it seems that the print is made on the cup itself.

In addition to the naturalness, the product is convenient for a quick snack. That is why the front of the package is filled with dynamic elements: the food zone with chocolate glaze and nuts emphasizes that this is a to-go product-it is intended for people who are in perpetual motion.

One of the elements of the identity was the image of a hand folded in a characteristic “OK” gesture and holding a nut at the same time. First of all, it symbolizes the format of the product – finger-food, and secondly, it creates an additional connection with the name of the line “Everything is in chocolate”. After all, if everything is in chocolate, then everything is fine!

To differentiate products within the line, the creative department of DS1 branding used bright colors that contrast with the main color of the packaging – this helps to attract the attention of the buyer.

“The packaging design meets the average price segment in which the new line is presented, which is why we have abandoned the elements inherent in premium products: minimalism, restraint, elegance. This is a democratic mass market, it was important to convey to the audience that the product is affordable and convenient for consumption” – Svetlana Klupinska, CEO of DS1 branding.