Derrick Lin


Design: Sina Shabnama
Location: United Arab Emirates
Project Type: Student Project
School: American University in the Emirates
Tutor: Dr. Arafat Al Naim
Packaging Contents: Motor oil
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Sustainable Reusable Plastic
Printing Process: Digital printing

Motor oil packagings have had a bad wrap regarding their sustainability and environmental impacts. For the longest, there has been little to no change in terms of materials when it comes to packaging. To fully potentialize the sustainability of the packaging of a product one must not only focus on designing sustainable packaging, but also take into consideration its manufacturing process and assembly lines. In doing so the designer analyzes parts of the process that may not be as sustainable as a result of the packagings design plan.

When creating a consumer supply packaging concept design for Saudi Aramco, I chose to select their existing brand identity as inspiration rather than creating one. The packaging has been designed for the comfort of handle and disposal of unnecessary packaging weight that may add on to problems like cost of transportation and emission of greenhouse gases.