Veggy Box – Vegan & Organic Vegetable Mix

Agency: Craft Mark Studio
Graphic Designer/Director: Martynas Vežbickas
Illustrator: Laimutė Varkalaitė
Copywriter: Neringa Klevaitė Vežbickienė
Location: Lithuania
Project Type: Produced
Client: Saldva
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Organic Vegetable Mix
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard

Veggie Box is a vegan & organic vegetable mix line consisting of three nutritious and delicious products, perfectly serving as meat or soy alternative: Crunchy Burger, Rainbow Wrap and Falafel Bowl. All three products have been crafted to find a way on any plant food lover’s table, helping to integrate healthier meals into one’s diet with ease! We have been truly pleased to work on this lovely packaging design project this summer and are eager to share the stunning results with you!

To create an easily memorable logo for the Veggy Box brand we decided to go for stylish minimalism with a hint of floral elements representing the brand. Thus, we chose solid fonts with a little bit of quirkiness and decorated them with tiny naturalistic leave shaped elements to achieve the final logo look.

While developing the packaging design concept – seeking to represent the natural and organic qualities of the products – we instantly went for beautiful pastels and earthy tones. Stylish watercolour illustrations also play an important role, clearly revealing the purpose of each product and helping to attract the consumers’ attention to the shelves.

To make the whole product consumption experience more engaging for the consumers, we have created fun product names for the Veggy Box line. Also, we placed clear visual product usage instructions and aesthetically defined the nutritional benefits and product qualities on each product box to increase the consumer’s motivation for trying out the new products and recipes in their kitchen.

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