104 Playing Cards Limited Edition



Design: Tuyệt Duyệt
Location: Vietnam
Project Type: Produced
Client: CLOEVER Co. & Game by Yanni Co.
Product Launch Location: Norway
Packaging Contents: Playing Cards Design, Deck Of Cards, Cards Design
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, Paper, Bee Stock, Mythical Finish
Printing Process: Turquoise Foil Printing, Embossing Printing, Glow in the night

104 Playing cards Limited Edition. If you are bored with the old playing cards but there is no newness in the designs. And if you’re looking for a deck with some colourful art deco, let me introduce you to “104 Playing Cards”. This unique deck contains a total of 8 different suits, which combines several types of card decks found around the world. In addition to the more familiar clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades – it also has the suits roses, shields, swords and stars. This allows to you to play card games with more players than usual or with a more intricate twist.

Box Design: With the dominant turquoise tone, the decorative border is in an art deco style and with the number 104 embossed with special materials layer to glow in the night. The inside will be divided into two compartments for one side being in traditional style, the other side will contain playing cards in modern style.

Back Design: The back design of the playing card is designed in a vintage style with motifs from the high victorian style. The connection between the patterns together forms a solid and luxurious bond when held in the hand.

Traditional Version: The costumes of the cards are inspired by art deco with the main colours: black, red, yellow and cream. Specially at the Aces/Kings/Queens/Jacks will be decorated with frames that are synchronised with each other according to the types of playing cards. On the Kings/Queens/Jacks will be connected with each other, their weapons (as you can see on the normal playing cards) will be replaced with: feather pen, wine glasses, books, sceptre.

Joker: Not just like the other playing cards, there is also 8 Jokers you may use as wild cards. The most prominent is a Joker holding a book with one hand, that Joker imitates the gesture like the Kings/Queens/Jacks in Diamonds. And believe me, he is doing a great job.