Agency: makebardo
Location: New Zealand
Project Type: Produced
Client: Biofeed
Product Launch Location: New Zealand
Packaging Contents: Compost Tea

Biofeed was founded in 1994 in the beautiful Southland. Since then, they have satisfied gardening customers all over New Zealand with their high-quality, nutritionally balanced certified organic compost tea.

They approached us to redesign their brand because they need to show clearly throughout the identity the values of their product. Since this is an organic product, it has a genuinely positive impact, and the result of using it is highly effective.

Our challenge was to create a brand narrative capable of showing that effectiveness and principles with a simple and clear message so the audience could recognise the values and benefits of the brand straight away.

We worked with the concept “Before & After” because we saw how the product performs in situ compared to the space where never been used, and the difference was incredible.

Right there, we knew that this was what we had to communicate. We appeal to a graphic resource that makes the brand unique in the category to capture the audience. Avoiding any cliché for the “Before & After” theme, we resorted to the comic world since it allowed us through the vignettes to tell the story in fun and engaging ways.

The result is singular and cohesively, but above all, it is flexible because we can combine the vignettes to create multiple outcomes, achieving a memorable brand experience.