KFC Naughty by Nature Limited Edition Coffee Hampers

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Angeline Cristian
3D Artist: Marshall Jesse Hermanto
3D Artist: William Pugar
Graphic Designer: Owen Souwastika
Graphic Designer: Kenneth William Timothius
Location: Indonesia
Project Type: Student Project
School: Multimedia Nusantara University
Tutor: Harry Mores
Packaging Contents: Coffee, Mugs, Tumbler, Coasters, Mini Heater
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Wood, Plastic, Acrylic, Glass

A coffee hampers for KFC Naughty by Nature that is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. We are focusing for target markets who adore drinking coffee and modern, elegant items. The hampers includes 5 different types of coffee, 2 mugs, 2 coasters, a tumbler and a mini heater to heat up the tumbler if the consumer wants the coffee heated again.

The primary packaging includes the coffee bottles which are made of glass to give it a more elegant feel with the brand logo, type of coffee and other designs printed on it. As for the sleeves for the bottles, they are made of a combination of wood and plastic with the inner part being lined with imitation grass to protect the bottle from braking and also holds the brand logo, type of coffee, and other designs.

The secondary packaging, the outer box which holds all of the items, is made of a plastic material that is made matte and wood material for the lid that holds the KFC Naughty by Nature brand logo. The lid is open sideways which will reveal an acrylic sliding door to protect the items from leaving their own space and to highlight the insides. The tumbler for the coffee is made of heat-safe plastic and the inner has another part which is made from glass, the tumbler is designed with leaves on it and has spiral design somewhat like tree branches to give out the nature feel from the brand name. The mugs are made of ceramic and the coasters are from wood.

Finally the hampers is equipped with a mini water fountain that can be turned on and off for entertainment and to bring out the naughty feel of the brand, but not only from this but also from using a mixture of different materials in the hampers to also bring out the naughty feel. We thrive to make the items in the hampers reusable so consumers won’t just throw the packaging away.

What’s Unique?
The coffees which are designed to mimic the look of a ‘book’, the tumbler that has a design that resembles tree branches and can be heated on a mini heater that came with the hampers, and a mini water fountain in the hampers.