Koi Dessert Bar – Call it Magic Suitcase

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Designer: Vannes Vincent Lie
Designer: Nathania
Designer: Michelle Zefanya Tabitha
Location: Indonesia
Project Type: Student Project
School: Universitas Multimedia Nusantara
Tutor: Harry Mores
Packaging Contents: Dessert
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Chipboard & Ivory Paper
Printing Process: Digital Printing

“Call It Magic”, a faultless key to satisfy your sweet tooth through the most delightful experience ever. Grab this suitcase and you’ll be granted access to unlock a realm of pleasing desserts and exclusive cards to determine your destiny. This packaging is designed to ease distribution amongst consumers, where it is classified as an easy-to-carry pack, perfect to be sent as a heartwarming gift. Once you step right in through the doors, you will encounter an enchanted crystal ball. Open the drawers and four variants of your favorite desserts will greet your curious souls, along with four familiar built-in tarot cards to enhance your sweet experience.

The packaging itself gives the audience a new experience, such as barcode that leads to a special playlist that you can play while enjoying dessert from Koi Dessert Bar and also a tarot card to give the audience a fun experience to get curious about the meaning of each illustration that is displayed inside the box.