Lithuanian Vodka: 100 000 Dukes


Raugyklos g. 3-5, 01140 Vilnius, Lithuania

Agency: Étiquette
Head of product development department: Jūratė Paulauskienė
Design strategy: Gintarė Marcinkevičienė, Edvardas Kavarskas
Art direction: Irmantas Savulionis
Design: Beatričė Baronaitė
Account management: Ramunė Baranauskaitė
Key visual: DDB Vilnius
3D: Rokas Mežetis
Product photoshoot: Edgaras Marozas
Strategic HP consultant: Guy Bibi
Location: Lithuania
Project Type: Produced
Client: MV Group Production
Product Launch Location: Lithuania
Packaging Contents: Vodka
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Plastic
Printing Process: Digital printing

Lithuanian Vodka launches limited editions every year. The product name prompts to reflect the national theme, so it becomes more challenging to wow both the client and the general public again.

Our biggest challenge was to find a way to draw 100 000 unique dukes without actually drawing all of them by hand. It led us to create a unique algorithm that randomly picks details from a database of 200 drawn elements.

The configuration process resembles assembling a sandwich: the algorithm picks one of many body types, adds a head, facial hair, a weapon, accessories, and a helmet or a crown. The result? An unpredictable and amusing collection of one-of-a-kind dukes.

Even our printing house had to scratch their heads, trying to figure out how to make it all work. So much so that the generating process with their most powerful computer took over one week! They had to use all their resources, skills and power. So the project has urged the industry to step forward, and we’d like to take a little credit for it.

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