The Tale of Tea Time

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Airin Livia
3D artist: Jeffrey Nicholas
Designer: Alvin Andrean
Designer: Angelina Jocelyn
Designer: Rhausan Fikir
Creative Director: Hardy Octovan
Location: Indonesia
Project Type: Student Project
School: Multimedia Nusantara University
Tutor: Harry Mores, S.Ds, M.M.
Packaging Contents: Cookies, Porcelain Tea Set
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Greyboard
Printing Process: Digital Printing

‘The Tale of Tea Time’ is a rebranding project for the brand The Harvest, made by Multimedia Nusantara University, packaging design course students. The concept of the packaging design is inspired by Notre Dame, a medieval Catholic cathedral located in France. We want to highlight the image of The Harvest brand with the impression of luxury and premium through the details on the secondary packaging and the elegant appearance on the primary packaging. This innovative hampers contains 3 variant of cookies with a reusable complimentary porcelain tea set. European element is formed from the European castle ornaments and tea set as a tea drinking culture in Europe. The complimentary tea set also has two pairs so that it becomes a symbol of sharing.

The primary packaging design is cylindrical in shape with multilevel compartments that has a slider opening system inspired by the folding bowl. Through this design, we want to make it easy to take cookies and show the concept of sharing. The foldable design also aims to show the simplicity and ease to be carried because of it’s compact shape. The cookies will be placed in different colours of design based on it’s variant. As for the secondary packaging design, which is in the form of a castle inspired by Notre Dame, a church building in the Victorian era which has a beautiful architectural design. The concept of the Victorian era is said to match the cookie because cookie is one of the snacks originated from Persia but was popular in Europe too. The secondary packaging in the form of a castle, aims to show a classic, beautiful, luxurious and quality impression which is also described by The Harvest products.

The visual design plan for ‘The Tale of Tea Time’ rebranding project is to use the same colour palette as The Harvest’s brand identity. The letters on the packaging uses the sans serif font type, which is coloured white to give a clean impression. Dark monochrome colours are implemented for the secondary packaging design according to the Victorian Church colour. On the inside, it will use a lighter shade of colour with the addition of gold in some accents to give a serious and elegant image.

What’s Unique?
The secondary packaging design is in the form of a castle, inspired by Notre Dame, a medieval Catholic cathedral in France. Meanwhile, the primary packaging design is cylindrical in shape with 3 separated compartments that has a slider opening system.