Admixture Sans

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Derrick Lin


Design: Creamos
Location: Colombia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Enzo’s Foods
Product Launch Location: Colombia
Packaging Contents: Healthy food
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Various
Printing Process: Various

Many studies show us how important clarity is for today’s audiences when it comes to buying, and even more so in the category of healthy products; they want to know in an easy way what they are going to consume is made of, without having to go to the fine print on the packaging.

That’s why for Enzos Foods, an organic and healthy food brand in Colombia, we created a typeface that would speak for itself of the ingredients that their products bring.

What’s Unique?
Admixture sans is a display typeface, created to be used in the packaging and communication of the ENZOS FOODS brand, with 2 versions (flat and overlap) that just by writing it and choosing the color of the letters, it tells us what ingredients it has without having than delving into the fine print of the label, always talking about how natural and fresh the brand is.