Derrick Lin


Design: Gegraph Agency
Location: Egypt
Project Type: Produced
Client: CAILIN
Product Launch Location: Egypt

CAILIN is an icon for feminine existence, it’s a guidance and representative brand for each woman in her daily life

A girl who doesn’t take life for granted can always take the extra Mile/Appreciate what she has. While she appreciates herself, she also knows how to take care of herself, love herself, know herself better than anyone else.

Character: She is a beauty girl aim to shape her live according to her own fantasy, she has a dreams to achieve, cities she wants to visit, she want her life to be like the image she has in her mind, she sees herself as a dreamer, different, bold, independent, she refuse to be a copy or live according to someone else point of view so she always made a changes to her style, someday she’s a curly and another day she’s A queen, she aim to discover new ways to live with and never follow the trend unless she made it or it make her feel superior.