Filippo Cascone – un capolavoro di panettone

SoCity - Creative Space

84013 Cava de' Tirreni SA, Italia

It is difficult to imagine a Christmas without the cake of the master baker of Lettere, Filippo Cascone. Our winning, as every year, was to enhance the product and embellish it with an excellent packaging design.

Panettone is an art just like packaging

An artisanal and made in Italy product can only combine the quality of raw materials with that of design; this year we have decided to bring together Filippo ‘s two passions: love for painting and love for his leavened products. Closing our eyes we found ourselves in the laboratory, his blank canvas, and we imagined his master and his tools, placing all the ingredients and creating the jewels as you paint yourself. The inspiration, the imagination, the light-heartedness and the freedom to experiment and create new products: a greedy panorama that is gradually composed, brushstroke after brushstroke, made of Vesuvius apricots, pistachios and fillings with a sublime taste.

Making dough is a bit like painting

The various ingredients pushed us to play with colors, make them coexist and mix just as happens in panettone: a symbiosis made not of citrus fruits, aromas and flavors but a unique texture that reflects Filippo’s full work and his identity. In relief on the front a small transparent UV finish to enhance the author of these greedy wonders.

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