JinmaoHao – Yingde Black Tea


中国 西安

Brand || Yingde Black Tea/Golden Hair
Category || Ming Cui
Matters || Brand image product development

Product packaging is the first advertising spot of the brand
The cognitive communication between users and brand products should be maximized
The “creative” purpose of product packaging
Is to make the value of the brand and product
Achieve more effective dialogue with users and the market
That is, Guge’s business values
Make the brand more communicative!

“Aesthetics” has never been a starting point for “creative” thinking
The starting point should be to carry the “culture”, “value” and “emotion” behind the brand and product
Traceable market environment and current category status
Find the direction of creativity from the user side

Brand grabbing categories
Category to seize the area
Geography shaping culture
——Guge brand

The Rise and Revival of National Culture
Stimulate the consumer demand of China’s traditional cultural industry
Catalyze consumption growth in the tea industry
Tea products as the epitome of Chinese culture for thousands of years
Carrying the emotional resonance under the national rejuvenation

Yingde Black Tea
It is a regional category dominated by regional consumption in Guangdong Province
Weak market share in the overall black tea market
Both “collective brand” and “corporate brand” are under-recognized
As far as the place is concerned, there are categories but no image
Product homogeneity is extremely serious
Lack of characteristics, poor recognition, and uncompetitive

From ancient times to the present, [regional awareness] has always been the first identity authentication of Chinese tea
That is, the unique scenery and culture nurtured by humanities and ecology
Yingde black tea, as one of the world’s four high-flavor black teas
It is a strategic tea product that competed for foreign exchange in the early days of China’s liberation
Has a strong historical and cultural heritage
Therefore, it is necessary to Shengwei to express that Yinghong is in the Chinese black tea market
Identity characteristics and category occupancy
Build your own brand culture and product temperament with a higher vision

According to the research of China Tea Science Institute
Yingde tea production began in the Tang Dynasty and is one of the three tea producing counties in Shaozhou (Yingde, Qujiang, Renhua)
In the Ming Dynasty, the earthen tea from Yingde had become a court tribute
In the Qing Dynasty, Yingde tea production has become popular among the people
And international trade flourished before the middle of the nineteenth century

In 1963, the Queen of England entertained VIP guests with English-German black tea
In 1963, Queen Elizabeth II held a grand banquet
Entertain VIPs with English-German black tea at the banquet
Then Yingde black tea was listed as the tea for the British royal family
So far, Yingde black tea has become popular in Europe and America, and the fragrance of the world

We consider the regional culture and category culture
It’s not difficult to find the historical background of Yingde black tea [Tea for the Royal Family]
In the market, there are more barriers to competition
For users, but also more communicative

Jin Maohao, as the high-end image product of Mingcui brand
Not only need to shape the high-end attributes of the product
It also needs to have the cultural temperament and tone of the representative brand
To convey the connotative value of nature and history contained in the brand and product
Seize regional culture
Create image products with local core cultural representatives

In the screen presentation
Reproduce Yingde black tea through illustrations
From the history of introduction/planting/foreign trade/royal tribute tea
Describe his past and present lives and convey Yinghong’s core values
The details are described finely, so that the picture is delicate and layered
Grey main color recognition, enhance the overall sense of high-level picture


中国 西安