Mohsen Koofiani

Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran

Proshot coffee packaging design

Creating imaginary characters that show the giants in nature responsible for the process of making coffee, from planting to presenting the product to the customer.

Each of the giants has a task, which they perform professionally. “The use of basic and simple tools by these giants in making coffee is one of the important points in this package”. The creation of these imaginary giants is to support the “environment” and consumer awareness of the difficult stages of coffee production, as well as to support people who work hard to make this product and are not seen.

The use of these imaginary characters creates the opportunity for the consumer to take a deeper look at the product and pay more attention to what is in its content. With the slogan “You are not alone with me!”, These characters refer to the “child inside” of humans and its “imaginary world” so that in this world they can have a softer view of their surroundings.

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Mohsen Koofiani

Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran

Illustration: Mohsen Koofiani

Design: Mohsen Koofiani

Idea: Mohsen Koofiani

Proshot Coffee