Derrick Lin


Design: Tanuja
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: National Institute of design, Ahmedabad
Tutor: Tridha Gajjar
Packaging Contents: Condom
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, Aluminium sheet
Printing Process: Flexography

Human sex is a basic action. With this comes the worry about being protected from numerous illnesses and unplanned pregnancies. Condoms are the most commonly used contraceptive, but as simple as they are to use, they have an issue when it comes to disposal. Most of us have come across a condom that has been incorrectly disposed of at least once in our lives. Furthermore, given the taboos surrounding sex in India, discarding condoms after the act might be aggravating. I chose to address the problem in my Design Project. The simplest solution is to include a disposal sachet with the goods, albeit this will result in us making additional garbage in order to rid of the waste that currently exists.

Attempting to comprehend the need for waste segregation and human behaviour when using the product. My goal was to create packaging that was easier to use and less frustrating for customers.

I devised a number of concepts for modular packaging and the use of secondary packaging as trash bags. We then learned that the sachet in which the condom is packaged is finally useless because it can no longer be utilized to dispose of the condom once it has been torn. As a result, I created the condom’s primary packaging while keeping production costs in mind.

What’s Unique?
The packaging is easy in terms of production. The disposal is very easy using the pack which almost needs no instruction to use. Low-cost solution to ease the disposal and efficient use. A big problem can be resolved with a simple solution that came up after doing much brainstorming.