Derrick Lin


Agency: The Brand Company
Co-founder & Director of Design: Dara Abdul Hadi
Executive Creative Director: Mostafa Tawfic
Associate Creative Director: Dalia Bahig
Illustrator / Graphic Designer: Islam El Shimy
Visual Artist: Hesham Ali
Heba Hussein: Brand Development Manager
Vivien Mohamed: Brand Development Executive
Location: Egypt
Project Type: Produced
Client: Stavolta
Product Launch Location: Africa
Packaging Contents: Gelato
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, Paper, Plastic
Printing Process: Digital Printing

We were in the unique position to restore the gelato experience to its core, by staying true to who Stavolta is as a brand. A loved gelato brand in Egypt, we needed to breathe life back into its visual identity.

At Stavolta, they prioritize the ingredients, not the accessories. They explore the timely, not the trendy. They own the process and the journey, and translate cultural stories into flavorful expressions.

By finding the truth in the art of gelato, we decided to go back to the brand’s roots and core. We needed to take the Stavolta brand into its next phase of growth by maintaining its purist positioning, while infusing energy, excitement, and exploration into the brand expression.

Being an artisanal gelato brand, we decided to highlight the artistry of crafting rich Italian gelato – and what better way to do so than through art itself? On top of refining the Stavolta logo and wordmark, we made use of various famous works of art throughout history and infused them with some Stavolta spirit.

Coupled with a fun and contemporary use of colors that reflect on the natural ingredients Stavolta uses for its flavors, we created an exclusive set of illustrations inspired by these famous works of art. These hand-drawn illustrations do not only add a level of comedy and playfulness to the brand’s overall aesthetic, but they also manage to beautifully highlight the fact that Stavolta is art in and of itself – whether that be in the gelato-making process or the way in which the brand’s visual identity and illustrations have a hand-made look and feel.

Stavolta is so much more than gelato. It is a brand where gelato is an artform, as they craft distinct and meticulous combinations of different flavors that allow customers to be transported spanning continents and cultures. They are all about creating an experience where this time will never be the same as the next time, and their engaging, adaptive, innovative and unique visual identity will always manage to stay true to the brand’s essence.

What’s Unique?
The way in which we infuse famous works of art into our visual language, while adding our own Stavolta twist to the illustrations we created based on these artworks, is what makes this packaging so unique.