Yallingup Estate of Margaret River

Harcus Design

‘Yallingup’ means ‘place of caves’. -up  is a suffix commonly found in place names in south western Western Australia.The suffix originated in a dialect of Noongar, an Indigenous Australian language, in which ‘-up’ means ‘place of’’.

Sitting atop the rolling sun-drenched northern and western slopes high above the Indian Ocean, is a vineyard in a prized corner of Margaret River’s Gunyulgup Valley.It is from this single vineyard, that the fruit is harvested for to craft the premium wines with its elevation and ancient red gravelly soils form a vine terroir that is undeniably Margaret River.

Though an established vineyard, Yallingup Estate was recently purchased by a neighbouring vigneron who saw the potential and went onto further exploration of this distinctive terroir. Abundant and resilient, the jarrah and marri forests revitalise the ancient soils while winter storms ravage the granite, limestone and ironstone-laden hillsides. A rugged coastline with rolling coastal vineyards above, yet secreted beneath hides many majestic subterranean caves.

Harcus Design


Creative Director: Annette Harcus

Designers: Galima Akhmetzyanova, Annette Harcus

Photography: Stephen Clarke

Label printers: MCC Australia

Yallingup Estate