Design: Getbrand
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Snack bar
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

About the project
The new crispy bar ZLAKI is a delicious healthy light snack from the Kuzina confectionery chain, which is so convenient to have a snack wherever you are. Contains only natural grains, nuts, fruits and berries. A source of fiber and healthy carbohydrates. Presented in unique flavor combinations.

To create a unique brand image in the middle price segment, allowing differentiation from competitors. Determine benefits and values based on the strengths of the product. Communicate the benefits and values of the new brand to the consumer through visualization on the packaging.

We were commissioned by our colleague and partner from Nielsen, Marat Zastavnichenko, who audited future sales of a new product for the founder of the Kuzina chain, Evgenia Golovkova. Evgeniya wanted to launch a brand of cereal bars called Zlaki. The product was designed for people for whom it is important to eat healthy food and keep fit. Bars are the perfect snack during the day. The product was planned to be sold in Kuzina confectionery shops and in retail chains.

Nielsen’s audit showed that the current design proposed by Eugenia does not sufficiently reveal the brand’s concept. There are serious and recognizable competitors on the shelf, such as Nestle Fitness, Corny, and it is quite difficult to stand out among them with such a design.

Marat invited us to get to know Evgenia and help her bring a new product to the shelf. We made our “Three Layers of Efficiency” audit, which confirmed Nielsen’s conclusion about the low efficiency of the design. The design was not very clear, did not express the usefulness and properties of the product.

The audit showed that it is necessary to strengthen the logo and refine all three layers: visual, contextual and conversional.

With the help of our method «Platforms of Growth», we selected the most suitable positioning area for the brand – Energy and Freedom, and an additional one – Pleasure.

Zlaki is an excellent name that could potentially combine cereal yoghurts and cereals, cereal breads.

The convenience of positioning in these territories lies in the high potential for expanding the range. First, if brand positioning is initially based on emotion rather than the physical characteristics of a product, it is much easier to launch new product lines underneath it as needed. Thus, it is possible to cover new territories and consumer segments, adjusting the product in the new line to suit their needs. Secondly, it is precisely the target audience chosen as the core, ready to try new things, that it is possible to offer new products in new formats, covering various consumption situations.

We decided to convey the energetic character of the brand with the help of perky multi-colored stripes. The colored stripes alternate with others, in which we show the ingredients that make up the bar. This gives the consumer the opportunity to see what is inside and make the product stand out on the shelf. The name Zlaki is written as if by hand in order to convey a sense of creativity and inspiration with the tastes that Evgenia came up with.

The new audit showed high performance, and the Nielsen audit showed good sales prospects. At Worldfood 2021, the brand won a bronze medal in the Confectionery category.

Zlaki is a vibrant lifestyle brand for modern, active city dwellers, with interesting combinations of flavors, energizing and filling without unnecessary calories.