Amour Chocolate || Christmas Packaging


Amour is French company established businesses specialized in luxury handmade chocolates.

It all starts with a cocoa seed in distant tropical lands and ends with the Amour chocolates you enjoy every day. The company controls the entire production process, from the introduction and selection of the cocoa grain to the end product.

The goal of the company is to offer tasty products with the same care and devotion, and with the highest possible standards, in order for Amour products to maintain their status as first choice products in the hearts of consumers forever!

For the logo I used two halves and different circles one bigger than the other and in the middle a calligraphic font with the name of the company “Amour”. Above the word there are two leaves of the cocoa bean.

For the packaging used a gradient colour. A gradient colour were generated to visualize the unique taste experience of each flavour. The series contains packagings for the flavours milk chocolate, milk chocolate with almonds, dark chocolate, dark chocolate with salted caramel and milk chocolate with strawberry & yogurt.

The products were created for that stood out from pre-existing competitors on the market. The packaging study and material is different from the standards as it has been designed to be 100% recyclable materials.