Brugge is a craft beer production company located in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. This project was conceived thanks to a trip of friends passionate about beer, who, in the middle of a tour of the city of Brugge, (Belgium) and inspired by their stories, the flavors and varieties of their beers and the environment that was created Around them, they decided to start their own beer brand.

Brugge needed a redesign and a concept that connect the graphic and verbal language and position the brand as a craft beer that tells the stories of this magical elixir. Likewise, that represented the true essence of a project that kept the magic and the search to find the perfect beer.

Our friends, the founders of Brugge, embarked on a journey that would begin a great quest to make the perfect beer. We created a story inspired by the ancient Germanic travelers and warriors who went around the world in search of the “magic elixir”, and who at some point landed in the city of Brugge, leaving behind the stories of all their travels.

A radical construction of the logo was carried out, in which the letter “U” is modified to refer to the glass that contains the perfect beer. Likewise, the graphic system is created for each type of beer, turning around a series of stories that together form the tales of the search for the perfect beer.