Chocolate Set ‘Origins of Peru’

Studio Gudulab

I have designed and illustrated this 4 color variation chocolate tasting set ‘Origins of Peru’ by the gorgeous brand Fruition Chocolate WorksThe prints are heavily influenced by the Incan trilogy iconography: condor, cougar and snake. I have also played with revisited versions of traditional Peruvian textiles, graphics and nature cocoa elements.

Each one of these bars has an incredibly distinct flavor profile, truly highlighting the inherent differences in the cacao from three different regions in Peru and showcasing how they complement one another when blended together.  I would love to share a few notes about myself. I’ve been working as a graphic designer for almost twenty years, twelve of them as Art Director of prestigious fashion magazines (Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire).  I combine my expertise as Art Director and Editorial Designer with my career as an Illustrator, my clients are brands and creative agencies working with them in branding and packaging projects. As an illustrator, I work on two different lines of illustration.

On one side I design prints based on manually carved rubber stamps that are then assembled digitally without losing the artisan finish that characterizes them. Using a vibrant and stylish colour palette, I create prints that are sometimes based on natural elements and sometimes on abstract ones, resulting in an unconventional and modern outcome. I also create illustrations with the traditional marbling technique, consisting of “drawing on water“ organic shapes with gouache paint. They arise from the use of various instruments-brushes, combs, … – getting an oneiric and consistently unique result.