I want to redo Curl smiths branding because it seems they want to be presented as gourmet food for hair type of hair product. But their packaging has too much information for the consumer to want to be interested in it.  I want to simplify their packaging and connect their logo more to their brand. And elevate it so that the packaging is something that looks expensive. I will also move around their information so that it is more pleasing to the eye of the consumer.  They have a wide range of products, from shampoo conditioners and scalp oils.

The message is they want their consumers to have healthy hair using the good sustainable products they would not have to feel guilty for using. I want to show how their product is related to hair or nature. The ingredients they use are new and interesting ones no one has seen before; I want to use illustrations of their ingredients to tie in that they take a lot of pride in the formulas they created.  My overall color scheme will be earthy tones since it can connect to humans as well as nature themes, such as oranges, browns, and greens. By doing this I with simplify their brand making and bringing in illustrations will give a very different feel than their current branding which is mostly just words on the front telling the consumer the ingredients which are what is already on the back of the packaging.