Mallia: Secret of The Crown Town


Crown City Secret

The packaging uses Greek pillars that resemble one of the historical buildings in Crete called ‘Arkadi Monastery’. The upper part is in the form of a crown (crown) which is composed of elements of historical buildings. While the inside features a Greek-style building pattern and colors that represent each perfume variant. The main building form of the packaging is a tube which is divided into 9 parts according to the number of Mallia perfume variants. The nine perfumes are stored behind a secret door that can only be accessed through one side that is not covered by glass. Then, the bottom of the pack can be rotated like a merry-go-round. The center of the package is filled with a tube as a place to store hand sanitizer. All packaging colors use pink as the Malliá brand identity. This project was made for our final exam.




Designer: Chealsey

Designer: Christine Caroline 

Designer: Metta Chresterlla Joe

Designer: Sheren Gabriela Gunalam

Designer: Sindy Suntami Effendy

Designer: Vicella Lie

Universitas Multimedia Nusantara