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Alireza Nasri

Studio Nizmo, Alireza Nasri
New Name, Logo & Packaging Identity For Beautivia Skincare Products.

Beautivia is a health and skin care product, mainly producing skin rejuvenation serums, when they came to us, they need a brand new face for the brand along with new everything, they had one important goal in their mind, and it was to target a wealthy community at a young age, to sell skin care products to women at 20s and up, usually in this market it starts around 30 years old and up when people start to see aging proccess on their skin, but brand had an important message and it was that they should start it in their early 20, so important thing here was designing a brand with a high and powerful impact on young girls in a wealthy community, so we started with the name and it came out great, for logo we used a one line face drawing logo with an oval shape around it to resemble connection and royal green as a powerful premium color and combined it with gold and colorful foils, in packaging important thing was the premium look and because it was an expensive product, we had an open hand on designing its packaging and using post printing methods, we used full royal green color on packaging and to make it glow on the shelf, we used three diamonds filled with color hot foils, and color coded the products to differentiate it from different models, in the shelf from distance it had a great and eye catching glow it combined with royal green packaging, we also used the same method for bottles and labels, at the end for their promotions, we designed an eye catching and ultra luxury promotional gift box that contained 4 of the products inside, on the outside we used the shape of the logo to make a beautiful oval cut in the to overcoming sleeves of the gift packaging, in the end brand identity screams of luxury and premium product and it colorful foil stomps makes it stand out in the shelf for young girls to come and use this products and understand it’s brand message for them.


Alireza Nasri


Creative Director, Alireza Nasri   @alirezanasri.official

Project Manager, Nazanin Skandari    @nazanin.skandari_

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