Phideli Coffee – Festive Season

Phindeli – Festive SeasonStay Connected With Your Love Ones​​​​​​​

About Phindeli:

Phindeli Café – is derived from the image of a filter coffee cup attached throughout the history of the Vietnamese coffee culture. And more than that, filter coffee is also the name of the brand, it is a unique feature, its own identity of the Vietnamese people.
Phindeli’s coffee beans are harvested from Cau Dat Farm which has a heritage of nearly 100 years, Phindeli Café is proud to be one of the most delicious Vietnamese coffee with a strong flavor that deliver a great experience to customers.

The principle of Phindeli is to deliver a brand that is “Real Coffee, Real Connection”, we always cherish stories that provide inspiration and true value. Phindeli Café chain stores will be an inspiration and a place to connect and share the knowledge and passion of coffee lovers.

Papercup Festive Season Concept / “Stay Connected With Your Love Ones”

Coffee not only helps connect people who love it, but also helps us create new encounters, relationships and opportunities in life. In the current “new normal life”, the connection between people will also change things, now we can’t see each other as much outside as before, but the connection never stop. The connection between people, between stories, emotions and the things we love will never stop. And somewhere, coffee is always a flavor that helps all of our connections become more interesting and wonderful.

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Agency: InSpace Creative

Creative Director: Sanh Nguyen

Creative Designer: Nhi Tuong Creative

Designer: Minh Thach 

Phindeli Coffee