Sense Coffee’s Latitude Drip Bag Coffee

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We can understand that the place of origin is crucial for coffee, and location differences may cause significant flavor changes. So how can consumers accurately locate their taste from the vast coffee belt? We used flavor as the starting point for designing this drip bag coffee packaging. We selected latitudinal numbers that most closely affect flavor as the primary visual presentation and used accurate latitudinal numbers to indicate different coffee origins that consumers can choose from based on their preferences.

The neat and straightforward dark clamshell box uses large numbers to indicate the latitude of origin. The cube cleverly includes numbers on three different faces, echoing the distinct taste of coffee drinkers.

To present this product’s specific coffee flavors, the structural designer took great efforts to improve the packaging structure. The design is composed of two boxes, one inside and one outside. The inner box is a square shape for holding drip bags. At first glance, it looks like a generic clamshell box, but it adopts a unique design that opens and closes diagonally. The upper cover has been weighted to naturally close after the user has removed the drip bags. This cube packaging can be integrated into any space with a stable visual effect.

High bulk paper made of 100% raw wood pulp is specifically selected as the packaging material as it is environmentally friendly and can be recycled entirely. The bulkiness of the paper reduces the use of pulp, and its light weight lowers transportation costs while maintaining the thickness and quality of the paper.

One challenge for printing is to protect the dark ink and control the die-cutting of the text at the sides of the box in order to form a complete text message.

The simpler the packaging, the more attention needs to be paid to the presentation of the packaging details. Just like a good cup of coffee, it seems easy but needs to go through many delicate procedures before we can finally appreciate it. Fudy Group pays special attention to waste paper removal at the edge of the box and the accuracy of manual assembly when making this packaging, just like a barista who wants to provide a cup of coffee full of flavor.

The result of this packaging illustrates a precise and deep flavor, just like Sense Coffee’s latitude drip bag coffee. The text on the side is perfectly connected, and even critical coffee drinkers will be satisfied with the perfect unpacking experience offered by Fudy Group.


※ Client:Nestle China
Design by Fudy Group/Shanghai Pingmo Packaging Co. Ltd
Manufacturer: Fudy Solutions